A2A Powder Coating International Ltd: Trusted Provider of Affordable, Customized, and High Quality Powder Coating Machinery and Powders

With an indubitable experience in the powder coating industry, A2A Powder Coating International Ltd. answers your powder-coating needs. We specialize in the design, engineering, and production of superb and affordable powder coating processing equipment, from technologically advanced machines down to high-quality powders.

Based in British Colombia, our company lives by the principle of delivering a human-oriented and developing enterprise. This is apparent in our thrust to expand our operating fields, and explore global markets through technological innovation and product structure optimization.

The products that we can create and customize according to your needs cover excellent-quality and affordable machinery and equipment, such as extruders, cooling belts, vertical grinding mills, and blending mixers. Also for sale here are other first-class equipment that includes thermoplastic powder grinding mills, automatic lifting hoppers, and classifying sieves.

Through the years, we have developed 58 types of powder coating machines that we can customize for you. All these are processed in plants that boast of maximum economy, high speed and flexibility, and short cleaning times, among others.


And to meet the demands of the market, we also customize our top-of-the-line products for sale, including environment-friendly powder coatings produced with low-noise, non-polluting, and energy-conserving machinery. By doing this, we reach our goal with minimal impact on the environment.

Our main office in Canada is located at 2751 Horley St., Vancouver. If you're based in China, you may also check out our offered services and products for sale by calling us at phone number 86-535-3635988 or visiting our address at No.15, Zhongshan St., Bicheng Industrial Park, Haiyang, Shandong.

To grab hold of more valuable information about our coating machines and powders from British Colombia, Canada, give us a call today at (604) 441-3926


With the management concept of “Human oriented, developing enterprise by technology”, we expands operating fields and explores global markets through technological innovation and product structure optimization. The chondroitin powder grinding mill is designed for manufacturing chondroitin powder and other similar powder food.


With the strategy of developing in multiple industries and operating in many fields, we have hammered at not only  powder but equipments and production line. We establish the new situation of multiindustry development and competition to expect  a break- through in multiple fields and multi-level leap development.


Environmental Responsibility

Going green is an opportunity to satisfy our customers to a higher degree while saving energy and reducing impact on the environment. Environmental responsibility has been written into our core values. Our products are disigned with principle of low noise, non-polluting and energy conservation.