The code of conduct is faithful, responsible and innovative.  This is how we see ourselves, and this is how we want to be seen.

  • Integrity & Credibity is the foundation of all we do. Those with whom we work, live and serve can rely on us. We align our actions with our works and deliver what we promise. We build and strengthen our reputation through trust. We are respectful and behave in and honest manner.

  • Taking  responsibilities is both individual promise and collective promise.

  • Innovation is the foundation of the success of our business, research and development. It  is also the basic power of our development strategy. We devote ourself to take the lead in the technology in powder fields and create sustainable value. 



A2A Powder Coating International Ltd. is located in           British Columbia, Canada.

We specialize in research, design and production of powder coating equipments and powders. We have developed 5 series (58 types) of high-quality complete set of powder coating equipment, including blending mixers, single / twin screw extruders, water / air cooling belt, grinding mills, thermoset and thermoplastic powder coating production equipment and supporting lab production lines.


With the management concept of "Human-oriented, developing the enterprise by technology,  and contributing to the society", the company  explores the global market by technological innovation and product structure optimization. 


We commit ourselves to  provide customers excellent products and services.

We accept nothing but the best quality in our products and services.