It is widely used in the field of the manufacture of thermosetting powder coating for the crushing of powder material. New design, stable working, good adaptability, adjustable thickness for tabletting, stepless regulating for flake, easy repair etc.



Our steel belt cooler integrating rolling, cooling and crushing functions is designed to build continuous process conveyors, equipped with endless steel belts. It can be used for a wide range of applications within the chemical, petrochemical, plastic, food, rubber and powder coating industries.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of the market, we offer a quality range of stainless steel powder coating cooling belt that is widely used in powder coating  machinery. Manufactured with high quality raw material, this product is excellent in performance and offers at industry leading prices. The system can be adapted to meet the needs of specific applications, such as product thickness, temperature profile or processing times.






  • Economical operation with low maintenance costs

  • Cooling medium can be re-used without additional expensive treatment

  • Variable product thickness and speed

  • Safe to operate, non-polluting

  • Standard as well as customized arrangement realized through our modular design

  • Easy for cleaning and maintenance

  • Excellent cooling effect


Steel Belt Cooler

JFY Series Cooling Belt Technical Data