Automatic Container Mixer

The ZHJ series automatic container mixer is widely applied in various powder and particle materials industries. It’s the new generation mixer designed by the newest technology. It is one ideal equipment used for powder coating, master batch (PE, PP, PA, PVC, PS, ABS, TPE, EPS...), dye concentrates, additives (e.g.TiO2, CaCO3, Zn, MgO...),  PVC (hard/soft) preparation (without cooling), Metal compounds (MIM), PTFE, Silicic acid with liquids, Leather fibers, Construction materials, Food.

The container mixer consists of a mobile container and the actual mixer. Here, the container performs several functions from charging to emptying, because it serves as a transport container before and after mixing, as a mixing container during mixing, and as a storage container for subsequent further processing.



  • Easy disassembly, clean and easy maintaince

  • Automatic controlling system, no solidification, safe and easy to operate 

  • Low noise,  easy color changing and strong self-cleaning ability

  • Excellent mixing efficiency, excellent dispersion and  maximum product quality

  • Energy conservation and labor saving

Bonding Mixer

Metallic Bonding is a technology of bonding metallic pigment to the thermosetting coatings. This system is newest technology for producing of high quality metallic powder coating. The metallic powder coatings can produced brightest metallic glossy such as Aluminium,  Bronze, Stainless Steel.

Our bonding system uses heat and pressure to coat the metallic with a base powder. The heat will bring the temperature to the softening point which allows bonding between base powder and metallic. Bonded mixture will be cooled immediately by the cooling system.

They are specifically designed for a wide variety of applications  to mix powder coatings with metallic pigment In case of tiny melting status. 






  • Mixing process automaticlly with PLC, excellent stability

  • Low mixing time, excellent mixing effect

  • Easy to clean and maximum safety

  • High sensitive temperature control system

  • High usage of powder

We also provide other types of mixers: Double Cone Mixer,V Shape Mixer,Horizontal Mixer, and Vertical Mixer.

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