A2A Powder Coating International – High Quality Products

Affordable Bonding & Container Mixers for Coating, Cooling Belts, Epoxy & Polyester Resin, etc.

A2A Powder Coating

is, indeed, a trusted name in the industry of powder coating. It continuously advances the design, development, and engineering of all its processing equipment and systems to ensure unparalleled quality. Among these top products are:


This is used to convert raw chemical materials like resin and polyester into semi-finished or finished products. Our single screw extruder, which can extrude high-capacity chemical materials is apt for HDPE, LDPE, PVC, and PS pipes. Our twin screw extruder, on the other hand, is equipped with a heavy-duty mixer and textured products.


This has an integrated rolling, cooling, and crushing function that is ideal for building quality process conveyors. Equipped with a superior steel belt, this product is affordable and requires low maintenance. There's also a steel belt cooler that meets specific applications, such as product thickness and temperature profile.



This automatic grinding mill efficiently recovers fine powder with its completely enclosed and dust-free design. It is recommended for grinding solid powder, which is commonly used for pigment, medicine, and food.

This equipment is widely utilized in various powder materials industries. Built for quality powder coating, this blending mixer has 2 models: Automatic Container Mixer and Bonding Mixer.

​a. Automatic Container Mixer – consists of a mobile container and an actual mixer that efficiently mix and disperse powder

b. Bonding Mixer – produces metallic powder coatings and has a cooling system that immediately cools the bonded mixture; this bonding mixer is highly sensitive to temperature control system

A2A Powder Coating also provides affordable and eco-friendly powder coatings, such as:


Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is a hard powder that is usually applied in industrial equipments and automotive components. Used for substrate protection, epoxy resin coatings are corrosion- and impact-resistant.


Polyester Resin

This powder is applied in many chemical processes. Our durable and hybrid polyester resin meets the AAMA 2604 specification.


   Features of our plants for processing powder coatings:

  • Very high throughput rates

  • Maximum economy

  • High flexibility in speed, dwell time and throughput rate

  • Short cleaning times

  • Very good feeding of fines due to the deep flights of the twin screws and the high speeds

  • Gentle handling of the product


  • Thermoplastic powder grinding mills

  • Automatic lifting hopper

  • ​Classifying sieve